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Home Office

This office was designed so that two people can use it at the same time, two closets were installed so that everyone can have their own storage space.
A contemporary and classic style was used at the same time, using neutral colors. The black color predominates making the space more elegant.

Master Bedroom

In this illuminated room, a reading area with two comfortable chairs and a table in the center was adapted, the side tables of the bed were chosen wide to have more space to store personal things and also to be able to put table lamps of good size and have a well-lit bedroom at any time of the day. The ceiling lamp with crystals gives the area a personal touch.

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Girl's Bedroom

This beautiful romantic girl's bedroom was designed with neutral colors in shades of beige and pink.
In the bedroom a comfortable sofa was installed where she could have a reading area.
The bedroom was designed for a single person but adapting two beds in case she wanted to invite a friend to sleep.

Boy's Bedroom

In this boy's bedroom, gray and blue colors were used to give it a masculine and young touch.
Two bookshelves and a desk were set up so that it had a comfortable study area, and a puff was put where it could have a reading area.
The design of the bed makes the room gain space as it is completely attached to the wall leaving more room to walk.
It also has a low bed in case a visitor ever arrives.

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Solutions for every corner

Bedding design

This bed design was made for a young single man, he wanted to achieve a warm and modern bed giving his loft a NY style.

Designing Dreams

This bed was designed for a newly married couple who wanted to add a touch of color and style to their bedroom

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