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1.How much It will cost?

You need to choose one of our 3 packages, and then it depends about how many things you want to change.

2. Can I ask to apply a budget?

Yes of course! we can adaptt your budget to any design package.

3. Who will do the shopping?

We will provide you the shopping list, If your budget allows you ,you can buy everything the same day! if not ,slow down, there is no rush, the final design it's yours.

4. How Front Door choose in which shops we will buy?

It depends from your style and budget.

If you have any particular shops where you want to buy please let us know.

5. Do you have World Wide Service?

Yes!! we can help you wherever you live!

6. How can I contract your services?

 Send us an email to or via Contact web page, and we will answer as short as we can.

7. Can you decorate kids bedroom?

We loved to decorate kids bedroom!!

8. Can you decorate my entire house?

Yes we can do that, and do an special budget depending how many rooms and squares meters do you have.

9. How many changes can I make during the design process?

You can do all the changes you need before the final approvement, if you want to change something after we closed the project each change will have an extra charge.

10. How can I pay?

 We can give you an account number where can make the transfer.

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